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Sensual massage

Sensual massage – is an erotic massage that aims to stimulate your body to create sexual arousal and pleasure. The massage typically involves a combination of gentle, sensual touch and deep tissue massage techniques. I will use my hands, fingers, forearms, and other parts of my body to apply pressure and create sensations on various parts of your body.

An erotic massage can feel different for different people, depending on your personal preferences and comfort levels. Some people may experience feelings of relaxation, pleasure, and heightened arousal, while others may feel more energized and invigorated. It is important to ensure the massage is exactly how you imagined, enjoyable and comfortable and the ultimate sensual sensation.

First-time recipient

First-time recipient – it is normal to feel a bit nervous or anxious about the experience. However, there are several things can be done to assist the individual to relax and feel more comfortable.

1. Communication is key

It is important to communicate any concerns or questions with the massage therapist prior to booking the session or before the session commences. The therapist can explain the process, answer any questions, and address any concerns you may have.

2. Home visit

If booking a home visit, ensure it’s a comfortable environment, where it is quiet and peaceful. Lighting should be low, and the temperature should be warm enough to be comfortable, but not to hot. At the therapist’s location all these things will be standard.

3. During the massage

Breathe deeply and focus on relaxation, take a few deep breaths before the session begins and focus on relaxing the body and mind. The therapist will promote a relaxation technique and you are in very safe hands.

4. Dress

Dress in comfortable clothes and we would suggest it should be loose clothing that allows for ease of movement and is easy to remove and dress again at the end of the session.

5. Expectations

Let go of expectations or judgments, as you are in safe hands and just experience the massage and simply be present in the moment.

6. Trust

Trust the therapist and the recipient should allow the therapist to guide them through the massage session. The therapist will ensure you are in a safe and comfortable environment and will respect any boundaries and preferences.

7. Massage Therapist

The therapist is male so many questions may be in your head such as: What does he think about my body? Am I too old? Am I too overweight? Does he think I am attractive? Will the therapist get aroused? I wonder if the therapist is good looking? How close will his hands be to my pelvis, breasts? Will I get aroused, if I do is it OK as I want to enjoy my mental fantasy?

Your therapist is experienced and will deal with you professionally and clear boundaries will be always maintained.

By taking these steps a first-time recipient of a sensual massage can relax and fully enjoy the benefits of the experience.


You may reschedule appointments with no charge, any time before the close of business on the day before the appointment. Same day cancellations will lose the deposit money already


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